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YMDRAB organized a memorable visit to the beauteous “Ambrosia” farm located in picturesque foot of Stara planina mountain. The visit took place on 27th July 2020 and brought together 10 youngsters, 1 youth worker and 1 representative of the local authority. The activity is part of MIJARC Europe’s annual work plan 2020 called “Rock, Paper, Participation“ which is focused on seeing-judging-acting on how young people to be more involved in the dialogue on agricultural policies and how they could take part in sustainable agricultural practices.

The activity began in the midst of the many fields with an introductory session focused on the main objectives of the visit itself, where the participants got to know more both about the project’ international activities and each other, too.

Later, it was the turn of the farmer to take the position of a narrator, and of course, with the amount of knowledge, he managed to grab the youngsters’ interest and the influx of subsequent questions did not subside even hours later. What is more, both current issues and many positives of life and work in the farm were discussed. The tour of the farm was what put light on many things about which the farmer spoke about and all participants could see with their eyes and touch with their hands many of the processes that took place on a daily in the “Ambrosia” farm.

Afterwards, when all participants gathered around the table for the upcoming valuable discussions, a number of things were presented to them in detail. First of all, The Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life, including basic definitions and approaches, Ladder of participation, Sectoral Polices, Instruments, Institutional participation and Six-step implementation model. Then, the European framework for agriculture and National policies related to agriculture. What is more, the participants got together to brainstorm on Youth participation in Agriculture - current challenges and how to be most ready to meet them. Their thinking was focused not only on the issues but also on possible solutions and big flipchart papers were filled up with a structured plan HOW this can be achieved. Market size and challenges connected to education and modern lifestyle were among the identified priorities to be worked on.

This activity is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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