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13 YMDRAB’s members had a meeting with 1 politician (representative of “Democratic Bulgaria” political party) and 2 scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The event took place in Forest Research Institute – BAS in Sofia on 25.09.2021. They discussed together legal, political and social barriers Bulgarian young people face in accessing their rights at local level.

Main topics were:

  • Youth in policy-making and decision-making - Guest: Dr. Svetozar Madzhov - Politician “Democratic Bulgaria” politic party.
  • Voice of Youth for Ecology and Environmental protection - Guest: Prof. Dr. Miglena Zhiyanski - Head of “Forest ecology” Department, FRI-BAS.
  • How can a youngster be motivated to jump in the field of science? - Guest: Dr. Lora Kirova - Chief Assistant in Soil sciences, FRI-BAS.

As a result, main priorities and specific measures that should be implemented at local level in Bulgaria in order to make it easier for young people to access their rights were set:


  1. Lack of vision (short-term and long-term) in the youth about their social role due to non-effective way of use of available information channels.
  2. Lack of audibility and support from the local authorities due to weak youth representation.


  1. Leveraging current youth influencers to show how youth initiatives could be organized through multifunctional format of events (e.g., festivals, where integration of specific tasks and music/dance/craft/etc. activities is applied).
  2. Strengthening the role of youth organization through integration of their structures in local authorities via legislative changes.


On the next day YMDRAB’s board and members reflected on the achieved results and in response they set one concrete organizational development objective and two actions YMDRAB to achieve by the end of the year:

Objective: To strengthen the capacity of YMDRAB’s local groups to develop youth initiatives at local level by finding support from local authorities and other stakeholders.


1) To organize meeting in town of Botevgrad which to bring together local YMRAB’s youth group in Botevgrad, the Mayor of Botevgrad municipality, representatives of the Bulgarian National Youth Forum, as well as other local authorities, student councils and interested youngsters. They will discuss together various youth ideas and how they could be implemented in Botevgrad municipality.

2) To include YMDRAB’s members in international training course on Entrepreneurship. Such experience will strengthen their capacity (knowledge, skills and motivation) to turn their ideas into reality.

This activity is implemented under MIJARC Europe Work Plan "MIJARC Europe paths".

It is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. A unique foundation supporting activities developed by with, for & by young people.


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