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Like all great and exciting journey begins with one small step in such a way  the creation of  nice and large forest begins with the collection of small seeds. The trainer told us, however, to grow from  them strong and healthy trees we should to collect high quality  seeds.

So we went first to the seminal gardens of State Forestry “Etropole” which are managed specifically for this purpose and have a certificate that they can be produced  forest seminal material. Under the shade of oaks and beech trees we organize a friendly competition about who will collect as many acorns. Outright however, was not determined, because  all of us felt winners. We were very pleased and proud of our work because we managed to gather a large amount of acorns.

Our second campaign was to collect seeds and fruits of forest fruit and ornamental tree and shrub species. We visited the park “Etropole” and nearby woods above the town. We managed to collect many seeds of maple and ash. We were lucky that we found and catalpa trees and to collect the ripe seeds from them. Special attention turned to the collection of edible berries of rosehip, hawthorn, elder, hazel, blackberry, lime, etc.. Roma students realized that this can be sustainable and permanent means of livelihood only when done legally and according to regulations. All participants agreed  that predatory and barbaric use of forest resources  leads to their depletion and to the detriment all of us.


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