To make our village beautiful !


Initiated by the students themselves first we made their school beautiful. Formed green spots where we planted saplings of ornamental species - western and eastern tuya, juniper, boxwood, Holly Tree etc.. We collected and brought by river pebbles, which we painted in different colors. With them we formed a variety of colorful alleys in which we planted many flowers. Theold trees to be beautiful also we painted their trunks white. At the end we weed out and swept all the paths in the school yard.


At the suggestion and with the assistance of the Mayor of Lopyan village Mr. Lako Krastev, we planted the city hall and the streets of the village. Before being elected as a mayor he was a longtime forester and with great desire and passion he involved in our activities. For this event he provide ornamental trees and special tools called "sword of Kolesov”. With great diligence and professionalism he explaining of Roma pupils the intricacies of the craft and its various entertaining experiences.


Finally, all students drew how and what they would like to work in the future with the acquired new knowledge and skills by the project. They painted with colored chalk on the asphalt in the school yard. There were prizes for everyone, because none of us (even teachers) are not hired to assess children's dreams. Watching the desire and passion with which our young friends draw, we were sure that they want and are willing to take their future into their hands.



Projects 2015:

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