It’s time for planting!









We wanted our afforestation to have a great public interest and importance. For this we chose a treeless forest land above the village Lopyan. With its afforestation we would create a forest for timber production and fruit, forest for protection, protecting the watershed of Lopyanskata river, forest for recreation to improve the landscape near the village and last but not least - forest for experimentation and research.


Then very carefully we researched a terrain and selected suitable tree species to plant - red oak and spruce. We determined the density and planting scheme.

Then we prepared the soil. We cut and removed the individual shrubs and unwanted undergrowth. We cleaned up and formed a small playground in which to plant saplings. This would facilitate the trees in their struggle for survival and it was particularly relevant to our rugged and steep terrain that is threatened by erosion. In preparing and planting we have strived to assist the natural regeneration processes, such as protecting trees already grown in the selected area.


... And the planting started - we used the two-year seedlings, which are more easily adaptable to soil and climatic conditions. At the bottom of the site we planted oaks and at the top - spruce. First, pre-prepared sites we made holes. For this purpose, we used specialized tools called "sword of Kolesov”. Carefully placed the trees in the holes as we sought not to damage or bend their roots. We knew that we should bury the saplings to the neck - the place where it had been buried in the nursery. Some planted trees shape the light drops, but not very large as at heavy rains the drops fill with water and can cause rotting of the roots.


Finally after a whole day of digging in mud and fight with stones, weeds and grasses we stood up and looked at our new forest. Hundreds of small trees had found their new home thanks to our efforts. And by them stood dozens of small green men with smiling faces and glowing eyes ... We can not describe a feeling, but honestly - really worth it!



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