In conclusion ...

The process of development and implementation of our project did cost a lot of effort, care and dedication. Unemployment among Roma young people and environmental protection may seem very different issues. We are both from mountain villages where a lot of Roma people live and so we have been thinking of working on such an initiative for a long time! That’s exactly what this project has given us: a framework enabling us to work on both topics at the same time. We organized a wide range of forestry activities which made the children feel important to society. We are glad that we managed to help them learn useful lessons. We also had many exciting unforgettable experiences together.


If you engage in such initiative you will certainly encounter with many difficulties, obstacles, lack of understanding, disbelief or criticism from various people and institutions. And anyway, you should not give up, because even if you leave aside all other benefits, the realization of our own ideas is really important for us … Imagine that, after a day of digging in mud and fight with stones, roots, weeds and grasses stand up and slide the sight in hundreds of small brushy trees that somehow confused are nestled among their new home thanks to your efforts. And next to them dozens of small green youngsters with smiling faces and glowing eyes ... The feeling that you will experience can hardly be described, but honestly - really worth it!


Now is the time to express our most sincere and deep gratitude for the support and assistance that we have proved from our partners and friends. First we want to express special thanks to Ms. Mila Mancheva - Director of Primary School “Hristo Botev” Lopyan village - an outstanding professional and marvellous person, without which would not deal with the project. Invaluable support we have had from eng. Ivan Ivanov – deputy director of State Forestry 'Etropole” and Mr. Lako Krastev - Mayor of the Lopyan village. Sincerely thank you and hope see you soon!



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