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In the "European Year of Volunteering" and in the UN-declared "International Year of Forests", YMDRAB implemented project "Let’s plant Hope!". This project has been funded with support from the Youth in Action Programme oft he European Commission.


“Let’s plant Hope!” was an international training course to improve the knowledge of the young people from the rural areas of Europe on the problems of the forest ecosystems and to acquire practical skills and competencies for their conservation and sustainable development. The training was held from 8th to 17th July, 2011 in Bulgaria, in the place „Bojenishki Urvich“, in the municipality of Botevgrad. It involved more than 45 young people and experts from 7 different European countries – Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The participants were leaders of youth organizations who actively work with young people from the rural areas of Europe, as well as leaders of youth ecological projects and "green" volunteers. The training was conducted by a multifarious trainers team through the various methods of non-formal education. The trainers provided participants with knowledge about the different reasons for the disappearance of the forests and the negative implications for the current and future generations. During the training course participants learned about good environmental practices to ensure sustainable development of the forest ecosystems. They learned from each other and acquired practical skills to protect and restore the natural resources. The programme contained many role-playings, workshops, presentations, practical exercises, international working groups, excursions, field visits, afforestation, photosafary and of course … many, many funs.

Very important part of the training was presenting of the opportunities offered by Youth in Action Programme for the rural young people and generation specific ideas for joint environmental projects with local and European impact.


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