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A national training course for prevention and non-violent transformation of interethnic conflicts between young Roma and Bulgarian people from rural areas in Bulgaria

YMDRAB realized successfully the training course titled “Take my hand!” which held from 6th to 13th of April, 2012 in Velingrad, Bulgaria. The project was implemented with financial support from the Council of Europe by the European Youth Foundation. We had 20 young rural participants - equal number Bulgarian and Roma people. The main aim of our project was to encourage rural youth from these two so different ethnic groups to find ways to overcome and transform interethnic conflicts between them in a peaceful way and to increase their mutual tolerance.


During the training in a non-formal way the participants had time to share and analyze different types of conflicts and to identify the reasons for interethnic tensions in the Bulgarian villages. They learnt how to avoid automatic thoughts and misconceptions through active interethnic communication and cultural exchange. The participants improved their competences for non-violent conflict transformation, by using concepts such as identity, cultural and intercultural sensitivity, social rights and responsibilities. On 8th of April – the International day of Roma people, was organized a field visit to a Roma neighborhood. On the next day the participants had an opportunity to talk with special guest – the deputy mayor of a local municipality who is from Roma origin. In this municipality live peacefully together people from different religious and ethnic groups – Bulgarian Orthodox, Bulgarian Muslims and Roma.


Moreover the participants generated ideas how to decrease the level of tensions between young Roma and other youth and identified ways how to overcome the mutual social exclusion. After a hard work they developed a common Statement with proposals how to overcome the social exclusion of Roma people in rural areas, what can be done and where is the role of young people in this process. Also the topic of Human rights was deeply discussed. By this project, YMDRAB Bulgaria took the opportunity to launch the Human rights campaign of MIJARC Europe and spread the flyers among the participants and local communities.

Many non-formal methods like icebreakers, energizers, Bulgarian evening, Roma afternoon, groupbuilding activities, movies and many others contributed to make this event a wonderful and fruitful training course full of ideas for future projects.


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