Call for participants in activity for creation of herbarium of forest herbs, ferns and mosses

YMDRAB is looking for 25 young people (13-18 years old) from municipality of Botevgrad interested to participate in an activity for creation of herbarium of forest herbs, ferns and mosses. The activity will take place from 25th to 27th September 2020 in Etropole.

You can find: Invitation and Agenda of the activity.

Don't miss this adventure! We are expecting you!



Visit to The Seven Rila Lakes





A group of 12 young people (members of YMDRAB) visited the Seven Rila Lakes on 30th of July 2020. They passed over 8,5 km in a hard mountain terrain visiting all the seven lakes. During the walk they looked at the situation on the spot, discussed with each other as well as with other visitors about different points of view on the lakes’ management and formulated their proposals for improving it.



Visit to farm “Ambrosia”





YMDRAB organized a memorable visit to the beauteous “Ambrosia” farm located in picturesque foot of Stara planina mountain. The visit took place on 27th July 2020 and brought together 10 youngsters, 1 youth worker and 1 representative of the local authority. The activity is part of MIJARC Europe’s annual work plan 2020 called “Rock, Paper, Participation“ which is focused on seeing-judging-acting on how young people to be more involved in the dialogue on agricultural policies and how they could take part in sustainable agricultural practices.



About the really important things in our life …



The Christmas is coming. This is the best time to go deep in our hearts thinking what we have done and what we should do. I’d like to talk to you about the really important things in our life. Bulgarians say: During his life everybody must create a home, bring up at least one child, and plant at least one tree.



FOREST youth training course





YMDRAB hosted an International youth training course on nature protection and sustainable use of forest resources. The event took place in Etropole from 6th to 8th of December 2019 bringing together 50 young people from Bulgaria and Serbia (25 youngsters from each country). They were trained by 6 forest scientists (3 Bulgarians and 3 Serbs).



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