Take my hand!





A national training course for prevention and non-violent transformation of interethnic conflicts between young Roma and Bulgarian people from rural areas in Bulgaria

YMDRAB realized successfully the training course titled “Take my hand!” which held from 6th to 13th of April, 2012 in Velingrad, Bulgaria. The project was implemented with financial support from the Council of Europe by the European Youth Foundation. We had 20 young rural participants - equal number Bulgarian and Roma people. The main aim of our project was to encourage rural youth from these two so different ethnic groups to find ways to overcome and transform interethnic conflicts between them in a peaceful way and to increase their mutual tolerance.





Обучителен курс за превенция и ненасилствена трансформация на етнически
конфликти между младите българи и роми от селските райони на страната.



Let’s plant Hope!












In the "European Year of Volunteering" and in the UN-declared "International Year of Forests", YMDRAB implemented project "Let’s plant Hope!". This project has been funded with support from the Youth in Action Programme oft he European Commission.



Human rights for all, equality of opportunities and social responsibilities







20 young people from rural municipalities Botevgrad, Pravets, Etropole and Velingrad took part in the training course “Human rights for all, equality of opportunities and social responsibilities”. The training took place from 1st to 8th April, 2011 in Velingrad. It was organized by “Youth movement for development of the rural areas in Bulgaria” /YMDRAB/. The participants were between 18 and 30 years old – equal number Rroma and Bulgarian youth.



In conclusion ...

The process of development and implementation of our project did cost a lot of effort, care and dedication. Unemployment among Roma young people and environmental protection may seem very different issues. We are both from mountain villages where a lot of Roma people live and so we have been thinking of working on such an initiative for a long time! That’s exactly what this project has given us: a framework enabling us to work on both topics at the same time. We organized a wide range of forestry activities which made the children feel important to society. We are glad that we managed to help them learn useful lessons. We also had many exciting unforgettable experiences together.



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